OKTAM GROUP: World's Finest Russian Translations

We started with two employees, and we remain a small team today.

The heart of localization is a creative process of reauthoring concepts and ideas from one language to another. Due to limited scalability of any creative process, growth beyond a certain level usually leads to issues with quality and consistency that most or all large providers are prone to.

We stay true to our mission of providing the highest-quality service worldwide. We stay focused on our core competence: two languages, English and Russian. We serve more than 100 countries with population in excess of 2.6 billion.

We hand-pick the top experts in our niche worldwide, and we train them every day.

But most importantly, we take pride in our work. Unlike large providers, we will never outsource your project to a random outsider or a first bidder. Every single person on our team is personally committed to absolute quality. We are personally connected to what we create and how we express.

Our business is about creating some of the finest products in the world. If that sounds great to you, we would welcome an opportunity to demonstrate our difference.